Thoughts on Self-Doubt

To anyone who may be on the fence about presenting your creations to the world, here's your encouragement to take that leap of faith and just do it.


Personally, as a writer, it can be quite daunting to create content that I've never explored. It can be nerve-wracking to allot hours of time to researching new information and presenting my findings through writing. Because what if nobody cares? Or what if my information is incorrect? Or what if it's corny? These discouraging thoughts hang over my head each time I leave the safe premises of the subjects that I'm used to writing about.


But I've realized that having these thoughts of self-doubt are simply inevitable, especially as a writer. And what I've found is that often times, that one crazy idea that I'm afraid of sharing is the very idea that positively impacts someone.


There have been so many times where I present my work to the world, believing that only I will relate to the words that I write. In these times, it is (A) my confidence in the fact that I spent time and effort to research and create my content and (B) my passion for what I'm writing about that ultimately persuades me to present my work.


And in the end, when someone informs me that I've inspired them or that they can relate to my work, it's honestly the best feeling. Not that I create work for the approval of others, but it's encouraging to know that someone was inspired while I had the opportunity to learn about a topic and share my own thoughts. I believe that's one of the beauties of creation.  

So to any creators struggling with thoughts of self-doubt, I encourage you to literally just do it. Allowing your self-doubt to restrain you from sharing your work won't help you or anyone else. Literally just do it.